Balco industries is a technology driven organization and has been serving both the domestic and international markets in the field of steel balls. It is one of the major manufacturers of stainless steel balls, chrome balls, brass balls, carbon steel balls, inox, eclipse, ballcone, cylinder and grinding media for bicycle and other industries.
Balco industries was established in 19     by S.                         to start manufacturing steel balls under the brand Balco for bicycle industry in Ludhiana. since than the company grows slowly but gradually and now is one of the leading manufacturer and exporters of bicycle steel balls and other products.
The company is also O.E. suppliers to bicycle manufacturer and exporters. Over a period of time, it has developed a reputation for quality and commitment. Later S. Gurprem Singh Joined the company in 19 and given the Balco industries a much needed support for its future growth. S. Gurprem Singh also diversified and started manufacturing and trading of other Bicycle parts like bicycle freewheels, brake parts and other accessories.

Products Range 
Balco offers a wide range of steel ball.
* In high carbon high chrome, bearing, inox and stainless steel.
* Sizes from 1mm to 12.7mm and 3/64" to 1/2".
* Grades from 20 to 2000.
* For diverse applications:
bearings, casters, grinding, burnishing media, drawer slides,
automotives, bicycles, aerosols, valves, agitators, decorative. Our products
are quite accurate, reliable and free from mechanical defect. 

Quality Assurance
We have got all the testing facilities to assure quality control in
all the stages of production. We are manufacturing bicycle handle and other 
accessories as per international standards of bicycle industries. Our products
are well ground all over, finished smooth and free from mechanical defects 
because each and every piece having more than fourteen operations, passes 
through strict quality control, having check-up at every step. Our products
carry exceptional STURDINESS and RELIABILITY, one can depend 
on for continuous use.
We guarantee for better results and performance, improved efficiency and
more safety. 

Special Requirements 
We also undertake orders as per drawings, samples or specifications. 


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