Chrome Steel Balls

Chrome Steel 52100
is a universal material for many applications. Chrome steel balls have an excellent surface quality and high load bearing. BALCO INNDUSTRIES produces balls that through statistical process control, assures tolerance accuracy, fine surface finish and a consistent high quality. Our chrome steel balls are available in fractional, decimal and millimeter sizes.
Chrome steel balls find use in many applications - for bearing ball, grinding media, agitator ball, steel burnishing media low end applications or trial runs, weights, casters, roller skates, drawer slides.

Chrome steel is high-carbon-high-chromium-steel; actually an alloy steel which owes its enhanced properties to the presence of larger proportions of special alloying elements such as chromium, manganese and silicon than are ordinarily present in carbon steel.

For better performance and life in most of the above applications we manufacture steel ball (round / spherical) in chrome steel instead of ordinary carbon steel. These balls have better corrosion resistance, harden ability and toughness. These can be thorough hardened (upto the core) to 58-63 HRc instead of just case hardened or carbonized.
Advantages of Balco's Steel Balls
Production Sequence of Steel Ball
Material Composition
Chrome Steel Material Composition
Carbon Chromium Manganese Silicon Sulfur Phosphorous
0.98 to 1.10% 1.30 to 1.60% 0.25 to 0.45% 0.15 to 0.35% 0.025% maximum 0.025% maximum
Mechanical Properties

Chrome Steel Mechanical Properties

Tensile strength Yield strength Elongation in Two Inches Reduction in Area Modulus of Elasticity Density
325,000 psi 295,000 psi 5% 8% 29,500,000 psi 0.283 lbs/cubic inch

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Grades of balls

   No of Balls per /Kg

Burnishing Applications I.S. 2898 (INDIA),I.S.O. 3290 Standard, G.B 308 (G.B)
  How Balls  are made ANSI/AFBMA- (USA),  
    AFNOR NF E 22-381 - (FRANCE)
    DIN 5401 (GERMANY)

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