Different Shapes of Burnishing Media in Chrome, Inox, Stainless Steel

Vibratory finishing steel media -
round spherical balls, eclipses - flat end balls, satellites, ballcones, diagonals, beveled cylinders, pins - is used in mass finishing processes for burnishing, metal polishing, mirror finishing, eliminating manual buffing and preplate applications.
Steel media has many advantages over ceramic and plastic media.

Applications of Inox, Stainless Steel Polishing Media
Metal finishing applications with Balco steel ball burnishing media (carbon-chrome, stainless, inox steel) are popular for:
  • Aluminum, Zinc Diecasting Polishing
  • Coin Blank & Stamping Burnishing
  • Cutlery and Flatware Mirror Finishing
  • Electrical Connector Cleaning & Polishing
  • Jewelry Polishing
  • And Many More Components 
    Steel Bearing Cage, Buckle and Badges,  Handicraft Items, Hinges - Stainless Steel, Orthodental Instruments

Advantages of Mass Finishing with Stainless Steel Media

Balco steel burnishing media
is used mainly in vibratory finishing machines, tumblers, rotary barrels, harperizers, centrifugal   finishing equipment and magnetic  polishers for mass finishing polishing processes. Steel media, wherever suitable, has many advantages over ceramic and plastic media. Steel media, in certain applications, can also be used to achieve single stage degreasing, cleaning, light deburring and pre-plate finishing or burnishing.

  • Processing with steel media results in high quality bright finish, rapid action and fast process cycle times.
  • Steel Media doesnot get glazed. Hence, finishing quality doesnot deteriorate with time.
  • Media slurry and foaming is eliminated contributing to faster wash ability of components and steel media and easy treatment of waste water streams.
  • Wear rate of steel media, specially stainless and inox, is nil. Hence, process results donot change, consistent finishes are achieved, constant media replenishment is not required, possibility of media clogging due to reduction in size after wear out is eliminated.
  • The weight of the steel media results in flattening minor surface irregularities and work hardening the component. This translates into better component lustre, lower coating costs, better plating / coating finishes, higher component strength and life.

Metal finishing with stainless steel balls improves component surface and  Ra value which results in  improved finishes after coating - plating, lacquering, painting, powder coating .

 Mass finishing media shapes like satellite, ballcone and diagonal, pin are useful for accessing  grooves, holes, corners, collars and intricate profiles where steel balls cannot reach and are widely used for jewelry polishing, cast aluminum polishing, cutlery burnishing, steel polishing and ther ferrous and non-ferrous metal polishing applications in mass finishing processes.

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Grades of balls

   No of Balls per /Kg

Burnishing Applications I.S. 2898 (INDIA),I.S.O. 3290 Standard, G.B 308 (G.B)
  How Balls  are made ANSI/AFBMA- (USA),  
    AFNOR NF E 22-381 - (FRANCE)
    DIN 5401 (GERMANY)

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